Reviews of SAMYS CAFE & GRILL (Kabob Restaurant)

SAMYS CAFE & GRILL (Kabob Restaurant)

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Dining, Take-out, and Catering. Great Kabobs. Fresh Salads and Sandwiches. Free Delivery on time.

310 N. Glenoaks Blvd Burbank, California 91502

t: view phone818-842-4425

w: http://www.samysgrill.com

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Helen from Burbank, CA - 07/17/2010 13:03:56

I LOVE this place! They are extremely accommodating with their menu & delivery service. What a fresh relief from the gazillion pizza options (granted some great), when able or desparate to order for myself and 2 kids....When we choose Samy's, I know that we're going to enjoy very good food provided by a place that truly CARES about quality and customer service. Take a leap of faith and don't think twice about it. :-)

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I am not sure...

Vic from Burbank, CA - 07/23/2009 15:45:47

I am not sure about this place.

Since the change of management, this place has been the spot where i think twice if i should stop by to get something or not.

I have ordered food from this place to be delivered to my house which is only two blocks away, the first time the food was ok and the time they delivered my food was after 45 minutes later where the food was cold and i had to reheat my food.

2nd time they delivered on time but the food was not the same. It was the same choice as the first time with chicken and beef luleh kabob, but it did not taste good at all.

So i am not sure if it deserves 3 star or 2 star. but i will be back to rewrite my reviews next week soon as i try it again.