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Arsen Oganesyan D.D.S. - LaMiniDentalImplants.com


Welcome to Arsen Oganesyan’s online Los Angeles dental office! 

Dr. Oganesyan has been practicing as a general dentist and dental implant specialist for over 20 years and has treated patients in his Los Angeles dental office for almost as long. 

At Dr. Oganesyan’s office, we believe caring about our patients’ health and financial needs is the best way to serve them. That’s why we accept a variety of dental insurance, specialize in the latest dental treatment technologies and inform patients about ALL of their available options with each visit. 

Whether you’re looking for a Los Angeles dental office for a checkup or some simple filling work, or you need to consult with an experienced cosmetic dentistry team, you can trust Dr. Oganesyan to provide top-of-the-line treatments and make your visits as comfortable as possible.


Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry

Denture implants and even singular dental implants are procedures that have evolved considerably over the past few years. Dr. Oganesyan has been performing dental implants, denture implants and mini implants for years, and incorporates some of the latest technology to make your implants seamless, comfortable and undetectable. 

Whether you need a dental extraction and want to replace your tooth with a ceramic crown or Captek crown, or if you have healthy teeth but are interested in porcelain veneers or Empress veneers to improve their aesthetics, Dr. Oganesyan can provide consultation for all procedures and ensure you’re getting the best dental treatments for your health and budget.


General Dentistry, Crowns, Bridges and Root Canals

Dr. Oganesyan provides a full line of general dentistry treatments as well as cosmetic dentistry. If you need white fillings, root canal treatments, orthodontics or just a simple teeth cleaning, trust Dr. Oganesyan as your Los Angeles dentist of choice to keep your mouth healthy and smile beautiful. 

Our Los Angeles dental office is conveniently located in North Hollywood, near Toluca Lake, Sherman oaks and Studio City. Contact us today to schedule a visit or consultation.

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Good dentist, dental implants came out great

Eduard A. from Burbank, CA - 01/17/2011 14:50:26

Dr. Arsen has been our family dentist for over 10 years. He has been looking after our kids teeth as soon as they started school.

Last year I had 2 cavities filled and wisdom teeth take out by Dr. Arsen.

The pain was managed well by Dr. Arsen and he was a phone call away if I needed anything.

My wife got her upper dental implants done with Dr. Arsen when her company dentist screwed it up...