Thrift Stores in Burbank: Finding Diamonds in the Rough

Published: 02/08/2011 by Sandi M.

Burbank is known for having a large variety of thrift stores, especially stretching along Magnolia Boulevard. If you don’t know where to look you might spend the whole time just trying to find the right thrift store for what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure where to start, cut to the chase by checking out these top-notch Burbank thrift stores.

Thrift VS. Vintage

First things first: Let us not get “thrift stores” confused with “vintage” clothing stores, as this would make our community’s vintage store owners cringe. Vintage stores, although second hand, have a higher quality of hand selected, older merchandise gathered from places such as estate sales, but they’re usually much more expensive.

American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shop

One Burbank thrift store that stands out is the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop. Before arriving, I thought it would be a typical run-down thrift store with lots of crap to sort through to find the real gems. To my surprise it was shockingly nice and well organized. A large handful of shoppers were browsing. On the whole, there were great brands and good prices. Aside from a nice selection of clothes, there were accessories, belts, purses, household décor, etc. There’s an unusual abundance of brand new or never been worn clothing here. An employee told me that they get a lot of clothes donated from clothing companies, which explained why there were so many items with original tags. Overall this is a great thrift store, especially since 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

The Yard Sale: Now Open!!

The Yard Sale” is a brand new hole-in-the-wall that I found while looking for another thrift store. It’s not quite “thrift” nor “vintage”, but more of a boutique thrift store hybrid that’s not as expensive as vintage stores. Prices are cheap with lots of cool items. The owner was diligently ironing clothes. She hand selects the merchandise by scouring through other larger thrift stores, basically doing all the dirty work for you. In addition to clothes, there was a nice selection of luggage, many unique buys, scarves, jewelry, and shoes. For being both cheap and nice, this was my favorite thrift store. It’s a true reflection of small business with eager ownership.

American Way Thrift Store

If you’re looking for a HUGE selection of absolutely EVERYTHING, shop at American Way Thrift Store. Its massive interior is about 10 times larger than other thrift stores. There’s lots of stuff for great prices; you just have to sift and sort a little bit to find it. Lots of cool furniture is on display. At least 40 people were browsing which is pretty darn impressive for a thrift store!

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Thrift Stores in Burbank: Finding Diamonds in the Rough

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