Shopping for Baby Gifts Just Got Easier

Published: 07/02/2010

Babies are some of the hardest people in the world to shop for. 

I mean, seriously, what gifts do you possibly get for the baby that already has everything they could ever want? Milk, minced food in tiny jars, rubber nipples, real nipples… you show me something cool, and I’ll show you a baby that already has one (or two).

Plus, as if that didn’t make it difficult enough, you’re supposed to get baby gifts before babies are even born, so how are you supposed to even know what the baby’s going to like? And have you ever seen a baby try to return something they didn’t like at the store?  Exactly.

Well, thanks to Mona Monet, one of Burbank and Glendale’s most awesome home furnishings stores and online gift shops, you no longer have to suffer the stress of picking out bad baby gifts.

If you don’t already know, Mona Monet has a full line of stunning fashion jewelry pieces from Sterling Silver Necklace, Cubic Zirconia Rings to Earrings & Tennis Bracelets that will complete your look, whether you have formal wear or a casual outfit

Well new for 2010 is Mona Monet’s latest online collection dedicated entirely to baby gifts of all kinds, housed independently at www.gift-for-baby.com.

This store has reversed my thinking on baby-gifting entirely. They have absolutely everything you could ever want, from cute place settings and anchor bubbles to safari baby gifts and moose body suits. And what baby wouldn’t love a moose body suit?

Mona Monet actually makes it easy to shop for baby gifts that will stun your friends at baby showers—all you have to do is buy stuff that you’d actually want for yourself—for instance, I just picked up a cammo onesie and a set of crab burp cloths.

Talk about being the hit of the baby shower.  The only hard part now is going to be actually giving them to the baby… maybe I can call and double up my order!

Info: Mona Monet Fashion Jewelry and Mona Monet Baby Gifts are exclusively online.
Location: www.monamonet.com, www.gift-for-baby.com

Hours: 24/7

Highs: Very elegant fashion jewelry items and tons of baby gifts. Everything in the collection makes stunning gifts. Great jewelrey for casual any-occasion gifting.

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Shopping for Baby Gifts Just Got Easier

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