Chandler Bike Path: Get Outside and Get Some Fresh Air

Published: 02/23/2011 by Sandi M.

The city of Burbank is no stranger to cyclists, both professional and recreational. Like most people that I know who ride, I like to ride with the ultimate goal of riding somewhere cool, whether it be a scenic point or a cool hangout to cool down.

 Chandler Bike Path is a great spacious bike path stretching almost two miles that can be integrated into both easy and hard core bike rides. At each end of the bike path I found an awesome spot that would make a fun end-cap or pit-stop while out riding. After all, nothing motivates me to get out and exercise more than the possibility of maximizing my fun.

Chandler Bike Path runs along Chandler Boulevard, from Clyborne Avenue to Mariposa Street. Chandler Blvd itself runs between Magnolia and Burbank. It is completely separated from the streets and cars, so it feels a tad safer than braving the bike lanes right next to all the texting and road-raged drivers. Tons of people were out at sunset, walking, jogging, and biking along Chandler Bike Path. It’s a semi scenic route, as you get beautiful mountain views heading east towards Mariposa Street, and you get spectacular sunset views heading westward towards Clyborne.

At the western most end of the bike path, left on Victory Boulevard, is an awesome little hangout called Barragan’s. Since 1961 Barragan’s has been serving authentic Mexican specialties from family recipes. Nothing spells the good life quite like some fresh marinated ceviche and an ice cold beer (or waterJ) after a great ride. They have an awesome happy hour every Monday through Friday from 4:00PM to 7:30PM, with $2.50 margaritas on Wednesdays and taco specials on Mondays. They claim their margaritas are the best in town. They don’t use lard or preservatives so I ate more chips and salsa than I’d like to admit.

If you’re not partial to Mexican cuisine, close by Barragan’s there is an American-style cuisine restaurant called Lancers. It’s a family style restaurant that seemed like a great place to check out. It was packed inside, but with a much older crowd. Then again it was only 5:00PM and I might have been witnessing an early bird special in progress. It’s open from 5:30AM until 12:00AM so I’m sure other crowds come and go. Lancers also has a generous happy hour Monday through Friday 3:00PM to 7:00PM.

At the Eastern opposite end of Chandler Bike Path, just South at Vineland is another great, new spot to kick it called Gugu’s Tacos. Open for 4 months, this place is so down-home that they don’t even have paper menus to take home. They brag that they have the “best food in LA”, a bold statement indeed. I tried a couple different tacos and they were amazing. Their food is freshly and quickly prepared, and they have a generous selection of special meats to choose from. There’s plenty of room to lock bikes and enjoy the ultra-casual outdoor seating at Gugu’s Tacos.

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Chandler Bike Path: Get Outside and Get Some Fresh Air

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