Burbank Town Center: Fun Idea for a Cheap Date

Published: 03/28/2011 by Nicholas Davis

My girlfriend and I have been together for over two years, so when we go out on a date, it doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. Couples who are just beginning to date or are in the early months of a relationship, feel the need to impress each other by dressing up, spending bundles of money, and doing lots of activities. But as soon as you reach the point where you feel comfortable just spending time together, a simple, inexpensive date is perfect for having an enjoyable afternoon.

So late Friday afternoon, after my girlfriend and I were done with work, we decided to meet up at the Burbank Town Center for a stroll around the mall. This easy date is very understated; there are enough shops and things to look at that both of us are able stay entertained. For example, while my girlfriend got a free makeover from Macy’s, I checked out the sports apparel stores, like Lids and All Pro Sports. As an added bonus, the exercise that comes from walking around a mall as large as the Burbank Town Center (my girlfriend is a huge health nut) is much better than sedentary activities such as watching a movie or going out to dinner.

Of course, the options of catching a flick or enjoying a delicious meal are available as well. The AMC Theater inside of the Burbank Town Center is always playing the latest movies, while restaurants, such as PF Chang’s, Chevy’s Mexican Grill, and Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, are available on site to fill up your bellies with some grub.
Our favorite snack food has to be frozen yogurt, a delicious and health-conscious treat. The best Froyo shops are just up San Fernando Boulevard, with both Yogurtland about a block away and Yogurtiers a bit further. Yougurtland has more flavors and is great for the price; we can each get a cup for only $4- $5 total. Yogurtiers is also a nice place to check out, because they have other goodies along with FroYo, like waffles covered in Nutella. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this sweet delicacy!

In the end, we had a very pleasant day that we followed up by renting a movie and making popcorn. Even though everything seems to cost an arm and a leg these days, it’s nice to know that there are still places where you can enjoy an inexpensive afternoon with a loved one.

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Burbank Town Center: Fun Idea for a Cheap Date

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