5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Staying Fit in Burbank

Published: 08/11/2010 by Dianne Salcedo

With June and July already under our belts, August will feel like the blink of an eye. Summer is coming to an end and two months from now, we can start pulling out our winter wardrobes again. This isn’t a valid excuse to refrain from sticking to our New Year’s resolutions of keeping off that unwanted weight. If we want to stay mentally content and feel great with our daily appearances, we need to stay fit 365 days of the year. It’s not only essential for our esteem, but for our health and prosperity. Everything we do these days is affected by our budgets, which we must tend to if we want to make it to next year! The following are my 5 helpful guidelines to stay fit (without burning a hole in your wallet) this August:

1.     Take advantage of opportunities at Burbank’s YMCA 

At the YMCA community of Burbank, located on East Magnolia Boulevard, group exercise classes are available Monday-Saturday on a weekly basis. From cardio and abs to belly dancing, yoga, and hip hop, there‘s a wide variety of fitness classes designed for different levels of experience. In support of parents who don’t have the time allotments to attend the gym 3-5 times a week, youth fitness classes are available for children as well. Additional youth activities include after-school clubs and babysitting services. This is a great community to help keep you motivated in being both active and social. When you’re exercising and interacting with others, times passes by swiftly.

2.     Eat less, spend less

Eating less at each meal seems to be the most obvious necessity in maintain your weight, and it probably is, but keep in mind that you should still watch the types of foods you eat while simultaneously making sure you fill your daily requirement of the food pyramid components. Portion control does not only benefit your weight-loss attempts, but it also saves you money. When you get accustomed to taking in smaller portions at each meal, you have the opportunity to spread out your amount of groceries over a longer time span. This means fewer trips to your local Ralph’s or Wal-Mart, and more savings.

3.     Don’t get tempted in the grocery aisle

Exercising and dieting require enough of your daily efforts already, however the universal activity that often results in a ‘slip’ off your healthy track occurs when you visit the grocery store. It’s easy to pick out snacks and foods that are cheap, easy to prepare, and satisfying. Saves money right? The downside is that most shoppers end up purchasing snack after snack that only builds up unnecessarily. Before they know it, they’ve got a pantry full of junk food that they could have lived well without, but decide to consume anyway to avoid wasting their money’s worth. On several occasions, I’d buy a large box of a certain food item because most foods are cheaper in big bulk. The bogus perception here is that you’re saving money by purchasing products in bulk, in comparison to buying smaller quantities for disproportionate prices.

The reality is that I only desire to eat half of what I buy. I grow tired of having Mac n’ Cheese 3 nights each week. Over and over again I ask myself- “Why did I buy so much?!” For the sake of not wasting, I’d force myself to consume everything. After all, all of our mothers have instilled it in our heads that it’s absolutely evil to waste food. But this forcing process is also evil to our bodies, our personal fitness goals, and ultimately our well-being!

I’m better off buying the small box of Mac n’ Cheese (which is proportionally more expensive than bulk but technically cheaper if you stick to a single quantity). This goes back to guideline #2 – I eat and spend less anyway! No waste of food and no reason for you to feel guilty amidst hearing your mother’s voice in the back of your head, chanting away “Eat all of your meal!”

4.     Jog in the Park

Another budget-friendly guideline is really just as simple as it sounds – jog in your local park! Enjoy the outdoors. Take advantage of Southern California’s sunny weather.  Wildwood Canyon Park in Burbank is an excellent option. The best times to jog are weeknights after work, just after traffic has died down and just before the sun goes down as well. That time window is the perfect allowance for sticking to a daily routine. 

5.     Instead of driving everywhere, WALK!

Your weekend activities with friends and family should include walking around Magnolia Park, Downtown Burbank, and The Americana. There you’ll get your legs toned while burning off the calories of your lunch. Park your car somewhere far so that you appreciate the aesthetically cathartic walk to your car. Get your companions to do the same.


Got additional tips/guidelines to staying fit in the valley without busting through your budget? Post and share them with the community!


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5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Staying Fit in Burbank

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